A Complete Guide: How to Buy the Most Practical and Stylish Headboard For Your Master Bedroom

There are so many different types of upholstered headboards to choose from. It is important that you do not choose the first one that catches your eye; the design also has to work with your bed size and bed frame.Here are the most common upholstered headboard types:


A freestanding headboard is sold separately from a bed frame, but can easily be attached to either the bed or the wall. Some will even rest between the bed and the wall without needing to be attached. A freestanding upholstered headboard is easy to move between rooms or homes. 


A fixed headboard, or wall-mounted headboard, is mounted directly on your wall to give your headboard a floating look. Sometimes the upholstery is attached directly to the wall and then framed with a wooden molding. While these types of headboards are especially stylish, they can be difficult to move and change, and could damage your wall if improperly installed.


On a wood-framed upholstered headboard, fabric does not cover the entire headboard. Instead, the fabric portion is framed decoratively with wood. 


A straight upholstered headboard has little embellishment and is rectangular in shape. This option can be a great way to show-off a unique fabric or print, or, keep your bedroom looking chic and clean.


Like other wingback furniture, a wingback headboard has a high back and side wings that follow the frame from top to bottom. Historically, the “wings” of a chair or bed were meant to protect the body from cold drafts and trap heat near the body. Now they primarily serve a decorative purpose, but could be a good option if you live in a colder climate or are furnishing a mountain home.


Button or grommet tufted headboards are extremely popular right now. In this design, hardware is sewn or stapled in rows over the fabric to produce a plush, instantly elegant result. 

How to Care for an Upholstered Headboard
An upholstered headboard is a little harder to care for than a hardwood or metal headboard. For one, there’s no risk of staining or tearing a hardwood or metal headboard like there is with a fabric one.

You’ll also want to make sure you regularly vacuum an upholstered headboard and blot out any spills as soon as possible to prevent dust from accumulating in the fabric and other crevices. Most upholstered headboards can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How to Measure for an Upholstered Headboard
First, measure your mattress and add two inches to either side. A King mattress is 76 inches wide, so your headboard would be approximately 80 inches wide. Take note that a wingback headboard will be wider to accommodate the “wings.” A wingback King headboard is usually about 84 inches wide. 

If you have a specialty mattress, you’ll want to contact the manufacturer to see if there are any limitations on the type of bed frame/headboard that will support your mattress. If there are limitations, a fixed headboard may be the right headboard solution for you.

The Cost of an Upholstered Headboard
Headboard prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The cost will depend on the size, design, and fabric of the headboard. While there are many DIY tutorials online for homemade upholstered headboards, you can easily purchase one at an affordable price to save you some time.


2 thoughts on “A Complete Guide: How to Buy the Most Practical and Stylish Headboard For Your Master Bedroom

  1. I love a great camel-back headboard. I think that they are alot softer than the rectangular ones with the sharp edges. I also prefer a neutral one, but I definitely do appreciate the bold, colorful patterns that some people choose.

  2. Camel-backs are really pretty. However, the more complicated the structure of a headboard, the more expensive. That is why you often see rectangular ones.

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